Real-time, interactive support

Today's service technicians are maintaining increasingly complex machinery and technology, requiring them to know more and do more than ever before. The ability to quickly access information and connect with subject matter experts quickly and easily is important to maximizing uptime and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Technology has created opportunities to better serve your needs. HYG Aftersales is committed to maximizing lift truck uptime by providing solutions designed to meet today's challenges and beyond. By leveraging emerging technologies, we have made connecting technicians to the support they need easier than ever with HY ShieldTM Virtual Expert.

What it does

HY ShieldTM Virtual Expert assists lift truck technicians with a variety of solutions for issues they may encounter with real-time service support through its mobile application. This unique virtual tool connects you directly with service experts for assistance with diagnostics, maintenance instruction and training support.

This convenient tool will help decrease time to resolution and maximize productivity by:

In our highly competitive industry, information and service are expected to be delivered quickly and accurately. Maximize uptime, productivity and technician efficiency by utilizing HY Shield Virtual Expert to provide your team with the resources they need, when they need it.

Feature Virtual Expert Teams Facetime
Low Bandwidth Requirement for Video​ X​
(150kbps)​ (100-350kbps)​
Live Annotation and Telestration​ X
Remotely Control Camera​​ X
Live Language Translation​​ X X
Screen Capturing or Recording​​ X
(call recording only)​
(call recording only)​
Multi Party or Location Collaboration​​​ X X X
HYG Service Integration​​​ X
How it works
  1. Download the HY Shield Virtual Expert app, for free, from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Dealerships request service support through HY-Assist.
  3. HYG Resident Service Support Expert will connect with a link to access the Virtual Expert session.*
  4. Link will launch the Virtual Expert application connecting tech to help diagnosis, guide and provide training support.

*The Virtual Expert session will only be available if the technician has the mobile application downloaded on their mobile device.

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